June 25-26, 2007: Media Analysis Workshop: Using Audio/Visual Methods

The New Political Communication Unit, in collaboration with colleagues from Warwick University, Leicester University and Swansea University, is presenting a workshop for media researchers. Presentations of ongoing research will be used as a platform to address current issues and dilemmas concerning the use of audio/visual data, for instance: data storage, methodological approaches, and software for media analysis.

Research from three projects will be presented: (1) Shifting Securities, an ESRC-funded project addressing the intersection of news producers, texts and audiences to explore shifting perceptions of security in Britain since the 2003 Iraq war. (2) Mediating and Commemorating the 2005 London Bombings , a forthcoming AHRC-funded project which will investigate the impact of 'personal' media and 'individual' accounts on television news coverage of traumatic events, how these events are later commemorated on television, and how they come to be remembered by publics. (3) Online radicalisation and legitimacy - forthcoming research on radical Islamist discourses in Web 2.0 and other media. This informal workshop is very much concerned with work in progress and fostering ideas for future research.


Monday 25th June
14:00 Tea/coffee

14:20 Introductions

14:30 – 16:30 Shifting Securities: Integrating Audiences, Texts, and Producers

16:30 Tea/coffee

17:00 – 19:00 Mediating and Commemorating the 7/7 bombings: Televisuality & Transana software

Tuesday 26th June

9:00 Tea/coffee

9:30 – 11:30 Online radicalisation and legitimacy: Analysing Web 2.0

All held in the International Building, Room 244

For enquiries or to reserve a place contact Dr Ben O’Loughlin – Ben.OLoughlin@rhul.ac.uk