Minister In Second Life

skysecondMiliband.jpgAlthough this happened a few days ago, I missed it until now.  Really, it is a bit of a double whammy for e-government.  The Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has just launched an online carbon calculator.  Of course, the danger with such projects appeal only to the people who are already converts to the need to cut carbon emissions - and it has little impact on the broad sway of the British public.  However, there can be little doubt that there is growing awareness and concern about enhanced global warming amongst the electorate, so maybe this facility will act play an educational role for those wanting to find out more.
Also, David Miliband, by far the most prominent government blogger, has become the first cabinet minister to appear in Second Life, undertaking an interview with Sky News's Adam Boulton about the launch of the climate calculator.  Given what I am studying, I have a dreadful confession to make; I have never actually used Second Life*, but I'm still not entirely convinced by the value of "virtual worlds" in civil life - in particular, I don't know if they offer a greater level or more effective type of interaction than other online tools.  However, fair play to any politician who tries this kind of technology out and isn't scarred off by it. 

* This is, by the way, something I am trying to rectify now, as I have just signed up for an account to have a play with it.