Popularity Contest among Canadian MPs on Facebook

According to The Globe and Mail, Canadian MPs are competing to see who can get the most friends on Facebook. So far Stephane Dion is in the lead with approximately 5000 friends while Prime Minister Stephen Harper lags behind with approximately 1500.

"NDP's Olivia Chow, who represents the downtown Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina, joined in early February and now has more than 1,000 friends. Ms. Chow says she 'got a lot of friends really quickly.' She says she checks her own profile about once a week, receives regular updates from staff, and plans to list her favourite music - Coldplay - when she gets a chance." (globeandmail.com, May 4, 07)

MPs say Facebook can help them reach younger audiences, but not all provincial representatives seem to agree. The provincial government of Ontario has blocked access to both Facebook and YouTube from computers in the legislature and government offices.