2014-06-11: Andrew Chadwick Speaking at University of Oslo Conference on New Trends in the Public Sphere

Professor Andrew Chadwick is speaking next week at the University of Oslo’s conference on New Trends in the Public Sphere.

The conference brings together scholars working in the fields of sociology, politics, communications and will be held at Åsgårdstrand in Vestfold. The University of Oslo’s Institute for Social Research is currently engaged in a multi-strand research programme on Social Media and the New Public Sphere: Consequences for Citizenship and Democracy.

Andrew’s talk is entitled "The New Public Sphere in Flow: Media Hybridity and Political Power." The themes will be based on his recent book The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power and will also introduce new research, including an analysis of the mediation of the Edward Snowden NSA leak.

Details of this conference, which is a closed event, are here.