2012-04-27 Insight 2.0: The Future of Social Media Analysis

The NPCU is supporting the launch of a special conference and networking event on social media analysis entitled Insight 2.0: The Future of Social Media Analysis on Friday 27 April 2012 in central London. It is designed for everyone interested in the potential of social media data to stimulate data-driven discovery and decision-making in this hyper-connected digital era. 

For a limited time, until Monday 13 April, a special admission price for University affiliates of GBP 37 will be available. Please email lampofo@zero1events.com for the discount code. More information about the event including the programme can be found by visiting www.zero1events.com

The event will feature short, energetic talks from experts from the fields of psychology, political and security intelligence, gamification, big data and brand insight amongst others. 

Distinguished speakers include:

Kevin Anderson – The Guardian, Al-Jazeera

Pippa Norris – Ministry of Defence

Professor Martin Everett – University of Manchester

David Stillwell – University of Cambridge

Nathalie Nihai – The Web Psychologist

Alfred Rolington – Former CEO Jane’s Information Group, Oxford Analytica

Ben O'Loughlin and Nick Anstead - NPCU and LSE

For more information, please visit www.zero1events.com and Twitter @zero1events