2012-02-08 O'Loughlin speaks at Oxford seminar on Strategic Narratives

On 8 February Ben O’Loughlin will give a talk at the University of Oxford entitled, ‘The Conditions of Strategic Narrative Effectiveness: Infrastructure, Intention, Experience’. The talk will address some unforeseen difficulties and unintended outcomes public diplomacy practitioners have faced in recent years as they have tried to communicate about their nation in international affairs.

Time: 17:00 – 18:30

Place: Seminar Room D – Social Science Building – Manor Road, Oxford

This seminar series explores the role the media play as political actors in developing countries and fragile states. It gathers scholars from a variety of disciplines to examine how old and new media are used to support different political agenda: from foreign countries trying to win the hearts and minds of a local population to local governments aiming at increasing their ability to communicate with, but also exercise control over, their citizens. Particular attention will be paid to understanding how flows of information can be mapped in contexts characterized by an increasing media density, resulting from the liberalization of the airwaves, the diffusion of mobile phones and new media, and the persistence of traditional modes of communication.

The seminar series is part of a year-long programme of events organized by the Centre of Governance and Human Rights (CGHR) at the University of Cambridge, the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Politics (PCMLP), Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, at the University of Oxford and the Justice and Security Research Programme (JSRP) at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

~ All are welcome, please email iginio.gagliardone@csls.ox.ac.uk for further information ~