2011-02-09 Jamie Bartlett from Demos speaks on conspiracy theories in terrorist groups

This week the NPCU welcomes Jamie Bartlett from Demos to present on the topic: ‘The radicalising multiplier: the role of conspiracy theories in terrorist groups’.

The seminar will begin at 5.15 in room Founders West 101. All welcome.

Jamie Bartlett currently heads the Violence and Extremism Programme at Demos. Jamie has recently completed a major ESRC/Public Safety Canada funded project on the relationship between non-violent and violent extremism entitled ‘The Edge of Violence’ based on two years of in-depth field research across Europe and Canada. He is also currently working on projects related to mosque governance, mentoring programmes, binge drinking, conspiracy theories and North African migration. He advises a number of international government agencies and related groups in relation to terrorism and extremism. He is a regular commentator on issues related to terrorism and radicalisation on print and broadcast media.

His latest Guardian article on conspiracies is here.