2009-02-25: Dr An Nguyen speaking on the penetration of online news

February 25, 2009: Dr An Nguyen will be a visiting speaker, discussing his new book The Penetration of Online News (VDM Publishing).

An Nguyen joined the University of Stirling in 2007 from the University of Queensland in Australia, where he obtained his Master of Journalism (2001) and his PhD in Media and Communication Studies (2006). An Nguyen’s research spreads across a diverse range of specific areas, most particularly (a) online journalism; (b) online news audiences; (c) online participatory media; (d) science journalism and the public’s engagement in science debates; (e) professionalism in journalism and journalism education; and (f) Asian media development. He has recently published The Penetration of Online News: Past, Present and Future, a research book on the diffusion and social impact of online news. In the 1990s, he was an informal research in environmental management in Vietnam, co-authoring a few books in this area.

Room FW101, at 5pm. All welcome.