2009-09-15: Media and Radicalisation: One-day symposium

On Tuesday 15th September 2009 Royal Holloway will host a one-day symposium on the theme 'Media and Radicalisation'. Final findings will be presented from the two-year study, Legitimising the Discourses of Radicalisation: Political Violence in the New Media Ecology. The project investigates how violence is legitimated by Jihadist groups through internet and other media, how these communications are picked up and re-broadcast by mainstream Western and Arabic media, and how audiences and citizens come to understand 'radicalisation'. The event will feature contributions from the worlds of policy, academia, media and civil society.

Where: Royal Holloway Bedford Square buildings, Gower Street, London

When: 15 Sept 2009, 10am - 6pm

Contact details: Ben.OLoughlin@rhul.ac.uk