A super reality show

If you took Ben's post from a while back and mixed it with Andy's more recent post... you'd probably come up with something like Heroes: Origins.   Essentially, it's interactive drama.  Each week, a new character (with new superpowers, obviously...) will be introduced.  At the end of the run, the public will get to vote for the character they like the most and that character will be cast in the mainshow for the next series.  

This raises a couple of questions.  One of the big things that has come out of the various television scandals over the course of the past few months is the complex and convoluted relationship between fact and fiction, and how both should and shouldn't be fitted into the idea of narrative.  Even documentaries, after all, need narrative.  Heroes: Origins will blur this line even further.

Also, there might also be problems for Heroes the global brand - it doesn't seem likely that the interactive element of the show will be replicated on a worldwide basis.  That said there is a slightly intriguing comment from the controller of BBC2 on Wikipedia, where he states: "In America there's an interactive element and we'd like to do that here, but I don't know if time will be on our side".  Does this imply that the BBC is seeking to get involved in the phone voting action?  Would this mean a genuinely multinational voting system?  That might be quite an interesting development in the world of interactive television.  Who knows?  Maybe if the characters all came from different countries, they could develop Eurovision like voting patterns...