August 2017 issue of Media, War & Conflict is published

The August 2017 issue of Media, War & Conflict has been published, with a great collection of research articles on historical and contemporary themes as well as some insightful book reviews. 

Media, War & Conflict - Volume: 10, Number: 2 (August 2017)


Mark Major - The Dan Rather Maxim: Collective identity and news coverage of human rights and international law

Kathrin Maurer - Visual power: The scopic regime of military drone operations

Delphine Letort - Conspiracy culture in Homeland (2011–2015)

Øyvind Kalnes, Eva Bakøy - Diffused peace facilitation and the cosmopolitan filmmaker’s dilemma

Jacob Groshek, Lanier Frush Holt - When official consensus equals more negativity in media coverage: Broadcast television news and the (re-)indexing of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal

Martin Kerby - A Shared Rhetoric: The Western Front in 1914/15 as reported by Harry Gullett and Philip Gibbs

Marc Jungblut, Abit Hoxha - Conceptualizing journalistic self-censorship in post-conflict societies: A qualitative perspective on the journalistic perception of news production in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia

Guy Richard Hodgson - Nurse, martyr, propaganda tool: The reporting of Edith Cavell in British newspapers 1915–1920

Book reviews

James Rodgers - Book review: Reporting Dangerously: Journalist Killings, Intimidation and Security

Nathaniel Brunt - Book review: Libyan Sugar

The editorial team (Ben O'Loughlin, Sarah Maltby, Laura Roselle, Katy Parry) send thanks as ever to editorial assistant Nic Barsdorf-Liebchen and all the team at Sage.