O'Loughlin presenting at Political Discourse 2015, UCL, 26-27 June

David Cameron on 23 January 2013Ben O'Loughlin and Federica Ferrari will present a joint paper this week at the conference Political Discourse: Multidisciplinary Approaches at UCL, 26-27 June 2015. The conference features keynotes from Ruth Wodak and Alan Finlayson. Both keynotes present analyses of Prime Minister David Cameron's January 2013 EU speech at Bloomberg.

For those in attendance, here are details of Ben's panel:

Time: Friday 26th June, 13:30 - 15:00

Place: South Wing G12, Council Room

Ferreiro: The Discursive Construction of Legitimation in the UN Mission in Haiti (2004-2014)

Friedman: Evasion Strategies in International Documents: Conflict Perpetuation or Resolution?

Ferrari, O'Loughlin: Red Lines and Rash Decisions: Syria, Narrative and Metaphor

Thanks to the conference organisers Geradline Horan and Michael Kranert.