Towards Two-Screen Literacy - NPCU talk to OFCOM

The UK's media regulator, OFCOM, will today hold a launch event for their new Adults Media Use and Attitudes Report (summary and pdf here). The event will highlight key findings from the report, including: 

-          Older users are driving continued use of social networking

-          Smartphone growth continues alongside increasing mobile phone affinity 

-          Password security remains a challenge for many

-          There is an increased belief that internet content is regulated

-          Measuring critical understanding and digital literacy

Ben O'Loughlin and Nick Anstead will present Towards Two-Screen Literacy, their latest thoughts on the manner in which people watch television while commenting in real-time on what they're watching through their laptop or mobile device. Ben and Nick have published several papers explaining the repertoires of engagement audiences-cum-users put into practice during political events, one focused on BBC Question Time and another on the 2010 UK General Election.