UK Parliament releases soft power evidence - read here

The UK Parliament's select committee on Soft Power and UK Influence has published the written evidence submitted by experts and organisations who are part of the UK's presence in the world, including the BBC, British Council, BP and all of the arms of the British state. These submssions are available in a pdf here.

For those interested in political communication there is a lot of material concerning how states communicate with each other, with home and overseas audiences, and the role of media in boosting or diminishing a country's image and reputation. Political communication scholars like Philip Seib, Robin Brown, and Laura Roselle have contributed their thoughts. 

The committee is still taking verbal evidence. It will publish a report in March 2014. The NPCU's Ben O'Loughlin is advising the committee. The soft power committee's work has been picked up by the press including, rather unexpectedly, in Marie Claire magazine.