Christopher Boerl's new article: "From Monologue to Dialogue: How the Internet is Empowering the Evangelical Periphery" in iCS

Christopher Boerl, who was recently awarded his PhD for research he carried out here in the New Political Communication Unit, has a new article out in Information, Communication and Society. Here is the abstract and a link.


Contrary to the effects of broadcast media, a medium through which American evangelicals were largely unified along conservative theological and political lines, this article explores how the Internet is empowering divergent religious movements within the evangelical community. As a result of this development, the previously unfettered authority of the Christian Right is being usurped and the religious monologue it once enjoyed is gone. Instead, today's evangelical media landscape is more diversified, more decentralized, and ultimately more politically moderate than it once was. Understanding this phenomenon is of central importance to this article.