NPCU at ISA 2013: A growing force

On their way to the ISQ wine reception.We are delighted that a number of NPCU researchers will be presenting at the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention in San Francisco in April 2013. 

Billur Aslan will present papers entitled, The Diffusion of Revolutionary Movements via the Internet: Post Election Protests in Russia and The Power of The Internet in the Rising Protests: The Case of the Iranian Green Movement. James Dennis's paper is entitled, Diffusion of Information on Social-Networking Sites within a Participatory Continuum: A Critique of the Utopian / Dystopian Divide 2.0 and Slacktivism. Meanwhile, following our successful Olympics and the -isms conference this summer, Mark Pope will talk about The Olympic Games, cosmopolitanism, and UK news media discourse on human rights issues: consequences for public diplomacy. Finally, Ben O'Loughlin will present a paper, A non-representational history of diplomacy and communication.

(ISA login may be required to access abstracts).