Can social media monitoring predict events? Mediating Diplomacy workshop on Thursday

Ben O'Loughlin will address the relationship between social media monitoring techniques and the emergence and prediction of events at the following conference this Thursday. From the Arab Spring to the News International scandal it is clear that international events can catch policymakers off guard. Can analysis of our tweets and user comments help spot an event before it breaks? And if this is possible, what are the ethical consequences?

Mediating Diplomacy:

Strategies, Challenges, Methodologies

An International Workshop

The Open University, Camden Town

28 July 2011



1400-1415 Welcome and Introduction

Marie Gillespie and Hugh Mackay Public Diplomacy or Intercultural Dialogue?


Nick Cull The Future Landscape of Public Diplomacy

Annabelle Sreberny The Hubris of Public Diplomacy


Ali Fisher Networked Audiences: New Rules of Engagement

Ben O’Loughlin Can Social Media Monitoring Predict Events?

1645 -1700 DISCUSSION

1700-1900 RECEPTION