Journal of Media & Cultural Studies: CfP Reconnecting Political Disconnection

JOMEC Journal

issue 1

Reconnecting Political Disconnection


Call for Papers: Reconnecting Political Disconnection

Winter 2010 to Summer 2011 saw surprising political processes and events: massive political upheaval and transformation in formerly undemocratic countries, on the one hand, and the apparent ineffectuality of widespread discontent and protest in many ‘democratic’ countries on the other. At the same time, new and old forms of media and journalism technology and practice had disparate effects: some appeared to enable political connection, movement and transformation, while others worked to disconnect, close down and preserve stasis. This issue of JOMEC, Reconnecting Political Disconnection, invites contributions which engage with what is to be learned from these complex conjunctions in which new and old forms of journalism, media, cultural and political practice converge and operate in competing ways.


Submission guidelines:

Abstracts: 100-500 words

Deadline for abstracts: Friday 11th November 2011

Contributor details: 100-200 words (position, institution, publications, etc.)

Deadline for first draft submissions: End February 2012.

Article Length: 1,000-6,000 words.

Journal Referencing Style: Harvard


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