2010-03-01 Mapping the Impact of Online Information on the Political, Economic and Social Sphere, Google, London

1 March 2010, London

Co-Sponsored by Google UK and the University of Glasgow

The amount of information online is expanding daily: what do these changes mean for society? How does online information empower citizens and consumers? How does it challenge them? How can we predict the effect of new information technology on British society and its citizens? How are the working practices and traditions of academics and engineers inspired or challenged by the brave new information world?

Ben O'Loughlin will participate in a one-day closed conference bringing together Google employees, government officials, academics and journalists to reflect on the way the delivery of information is reshaping our world. The event is designed to launch innovative dialogue, ideas and collaborations working to understand our new, networked society. 

The conference is convened by Prof. Sarah Oates, University of Glasgow, and Sarah Hunter of Google London.