Your political views matter (and we will pay you for them)

An announcement from the Royal Holloway Press Office regarding PIR colleague Dr Nicholas Allen's research project on political ethics. Please direct all enquiries to Ruth Yeoman at the email address below.
A team of researchers based at Royal Holloway and the University of Essex wants volunteers to participate in two focus groups exploring expectations of elected representatives (e.g. local councillors and MPs). No particular knowledge of politics is necessary, nor is any prior experience of having taken part in a focus-group activity.
We will offer participants £30 each for taking part in one 90-minute session (7.30pm): either Wednesday 13th Jan at the Coronation Memorial Institute (CMI) in Sunningdale or Wednesday 27th Jan at Royal Holloway College. Refreshments will be provided. We would particularly like to welcome over-40s to the RHUL focus group, but others are welcome to indicate their interest.
The research is being conducted as a part of an academic project funded by the British Academy and the Economic and Social Research Council. If you are interested in taking part, please contact Ruth Yeoman by email – – or by telephone – 01344 625872, and you will receive more details.
Please indicate your age, how you rate your existing knowledge of politics (i.e. whether you know a great deal or not) and your occupational status.
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