Number 10 goes blogtastic with WordPress

Number 10 have just launched their new website and it is quite an interesting beast to say the least. It is not only powered by WordPress, but also uses a tweaked free theme (according to a commentor on Gudio Fawkes) called Network-10. On top of that it is full integrated with Flickr, Twitter and YouTube. The Twitter stream is particularly impressive, as the team running the website seem very keen to use Twitter's messaging functionality, used by inserting @DowningStreet into your own tweets, to interact directly with people (I've just sent them a tweet linking to this blog post and asking a question. Let's see if they reply).

Obviously there is a huge difference between using technology and getting it. Thus far the track record of British politicians has not been especially good. But, given its use of open source software and integration with free web services, this is a pretty bold attempt. Only time will tell how it works out.