My (very small) piece of citizen journalism

[This post and another previous post relating to this issue were originally published on my own personal weblog].

Good news for anyone who read this recent post that I put up and agreed with my sentiments.If you go to the urls for the two ads on the Guardian website (here and here), you will see that they are listed as expired. However, if you refer back to the links in the original post – which are stored on my furl archive, so are still accessible – you will see that both jobs were due to come down on the 18th July, a full week in the future.

I don’t know, but I hope that my original post (and far, far more importantly, the coverage it got from other more prominent blogs, such as DSTPFW and Comment Central) had a little bit of an impact and helped shame the Guardian into removing these ads, which should never have appeared on their website in the first place.