How many small donors does David Davis have?

Further to my previous comments, David Davis's team have done a lot of work on this website, which is now considerably better. It has a donate online button (still a little bit too tucked away, I would suggest) and a blog which is being frequently updated and allows commenting.

Davis had just published a press release claiming to have a great deal of support from small donors. The sum given is £40,000. This is impressive, but too few details are given for the "small donor" claim to be truly meaningful. I have left a comment on his blog requesting more details.

In the US election, small donors have been hugely important for both Barack Obama and the Ron Paul campaign, and they seem to be a really positive trend, so this press release and the possibility that British politics might see a small dollar funded campaign is a really positive thing. But on the back of that, can I ask two questions:

1. How do you define small donors? In the US they have a very definite cut off point, which is $200 (the point above which where individual donors details - name, address, etc - have to be reported to and published by the Federal Election Commission). 

2. Also, the Obama campaign has published the total number of individuals who have actually given them donations, as this necesserily increased transparency. Would you be interested in following suit, as such an action would seem to fit with the grassroot powered ethos you are trying to engender in your campaign.

[I have crossposted this blog post on my research centre weblog, which examines political communication online:

/npcu-blog/2008/6/25/how-many-small-donors-does-david-davis-have.html ] 

So the let's see if it gets published and also if we get a response.