My most ambitious blogging experiment... ever


I've been blogging now for more than two years, on my own blog and, more recently, here on the NPCU site. I guess it will be obvious that I really enjoy blogging. So I have decided to push the boundaries a bit and embark on my biggest blogging experiment yet - live blogging Super Tuesday next week.

Now we are for all purposes down to four candidates, Super Tuesday looks like it could be a hugely historic day, when either an African-American or a women will come closer to the Democratic nomination, and the Republicans move towards choosing either a Mormon or an old white guy (OK, a very old white guy). But more than that, it looks set to be a lot of fun, and since I'm going to be up all night watching and thinking about it, it seemed like it would be a good idea.

I recently discovered an absolutely wonderful web ap called CoveritLive (you can see my write up on it here). It allows for the creation of live blogs within other blogs - all you have to do is embed the code and use their interface to enter your thoughts. But you might ask, why would you want to listen to me? Hopefully that won't be all you'll get though - CoveritLive also allows for a high level of interactivity. For example, it has an instant comment button, so that readers can write a message. This then appears on the screen of the blogger, and they have the option of replying personally to the viewer, or displaing the comment on the blog. And that's the big thing that will make this even more fun, especially if we can get a bit of conversation going.

At the moment, I have the code embedded on my site only. I'm hoping to put it on here too, but our software is having a few issues with CoveritLive. But I will certainly be on my blog. So, if you are about next Tuesday night, do drop by and share your thoughts.