New Working Paper: Parties, Election Campaigning and the Internet

Working_Paper_05.gifNick Anstead and I have just published a new Working Paper, entitled 'Parties, Election Campaigning and the Internet: Toward A Comparative Institutional Approach'. Download pdf.

Here's a summary: This paper argues that a comparative approach to analysing the relationship between technology and political institutions has the potential to offer renewed understanding of the development of the Internet in election campaigning. Taking the different characteristics of political parties and the norms and rules of the electoral environment in the United States and the United Kingdom as an illustration, it suggests that the relationship between technology and political institutions is dialectical. Technologies can reshape institutions, but institutions will mediate eventual outcomes. This approach has the potential to generate a theoretical framework for explaining differences in the impact of the Internet on election campaigning across liberal democracies.

A longer and more developed version of this will appear in the forthcoming Handbook of Internet Politics (Routledge, 2008), co-edited by Andrew Chadwick and Philip N. Howard.

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